Hi, I’m Stacey

Stacey Holmes Girdner

For more than 30 years, I’ve been involved with management and organization development in multiple business settings. The knowledge I’ve gained through my MBA and PsyD (in process) inform my recommendations, and I work with talented consultants—together, we are an educated, thorough and well-rounded team of experts.

I’ve facilitated, consulted, coached, and trained hundreds of teams. I have access to Ken Blanchard’s training programs and assessments DiSCBirkmanHogan and VOICES© 360. I’ve solved countless unique people challenges. And I’ve partnered with a myriad of professionals like you to build teams that are successful, develop leaders who rise to the top, and coach executives who run major corporations.

I started the PRAXIS group to help business leaders wrangle relationships within their organizations. To dig deep and uncover the underlying causes that impede success. And to bring people together to accomplish their shared professional goals.

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