Team Development


Even when people come together with a shared goal, there are competing, personal factors that can cause complications and even failure. Whether you’re dealing with people who’ve never worked together, seasoned veterans who have completed projects as a group for decades or a mix of newbies and vets, relationships can make or break the path to success. The PRAXIS Group will guide your team building with proven methods, exercises, and experiences tailored to drive your group to eliminate barriers and achieve positive results.

Your team needs to be developed when:

  • They’re new

  • Shared goals are unclear or have changed

  • Team goals are in conflict

  • Communication, participation or initiatives are lacking

  • Decisions aren’t being made or are poorly made

  • Conflicts are unmanaged or hinder productivity

  • Problems aren’t being solved

  • Results aren’t being accomplished

Because of your team development process, we were able to resolve and find solutions to things that were preventing us from working smoothly together. The PRAXIS Group gave us an excellent foundation from which to build better communications and better relationships among the team members.
— Barbara Estrada, World Vision United States


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