Offsite Meetings


Sometimes a change of scenery can be the catalyst for a breakthrough. Away from the everyday distractions of the office, an offsite team meeting can be useful for innovating, planning, resolving conflict, solving problems and more. The PRAXIS Group offers a number of group and team building programs to address the unique challenges that your group of coworkers face. Extended management meetings can be held for strategic planning, vision casting, values clarification, and mission creation. Whatever your corporate team needs are, The PRAXIS Group will design a custom initiative that’s right for you.

Teams should consider an extended session when:

  • Competitive demands require change

  • Innovation is imperative

  • Joint solutions are required

  • Implementation of the solution requires ownership

  • Success requires everyone’s focus and best thinking

With your facilitation we stayed focused on our meeting objectives, pulled from everyone’s perspective, considered things we would not otherwise have and ensured the results we were seeking.
— Julie Austin, Foothill Transit System


We can also help you with…


Executive Coaching

Leader Development

Team Development