What People are Saying

I’ve worked with Stacey for over a decade. She coached me through huge changes in our industry, our company and my own growing responsibilities. I am a stronger leader, a better communicator and a more strategic manager because of Stacey’s insight and her courage to challenge me and help me improve.
— Alan Hall, CEO Russ Reid

I find that Stacey has a tool box of skills and techniques that encourage dialogue and team building. She’s an exceptional facilitator and effective in leading teams in developing plans that are strategic and provide a road map for successful implementation.
— Yolanda Castro, Executive Director Selaco Workforce Development Board

Stacey is an invaluable resource for leaders both new and experienced. As my sounding board, coach and adviser, she helped me break down challenges to clearly see the real issues at play. Together, we developed solutions that worked in a dynamic and rapidly evolving agency environment. When I needed a safe, confidential place to hone my leadership style and management skills, Stacey helped me achieve the insights and confidence I needed to propel me into effective action.
— Lisa Scott Benson, CEO, CDR Fundraising Group

Stacey is such a wonderful resource—for any company or organization. She has a real heart for people, and combines a willingness to see others clearly with a gentle manner that helps you be your best. If you need someone to help make your company or organization better, I highly recommend her.
— Karen Erren, Executive Director, Palm Beach County Food Bank

Stacey is a fair and focused facilitator who does the work ahead of time to get the best desirable outcomes for an offsite meeting.
— Suresh Radhakrishnan, Talent Manager Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Stacey is a fantastic training resource for an organization! She takes the time to understand the organization she is working with and the goals of the training to ensure that the topic and materials are relevant to the audience. Her training style is engaging and interactive and she is not afraid to challenge people to think outside of the box. Her dedication to making sure your organization is getting exactly what you need before, during and after the training(s) brings her to a level above any other professional trainers I have worked with. I highly recommend Stacey if you are looking for a partner to assess and deliver coaching, mentoring or training in your organization.
— Maura Stackley, Head of People and Culture at Team Liquid

Working with Stacey on leadership didn’t feel like work! Meaningful dialogue sprang from insightful tools and from her approach. Stacey has a combination of substance and style that gave me a deeper understanding of how to lead and serve.
— Glenn McKinney, SVP Client Services, One & All Agency

Thank you for facilitating our Executive Leadership Team Mini Retreat. Thank you for creating a safe place for us to honor where we each individually landed and moving us through some critical conversations! I highly recommend Stacey.
— Tara Peterson, Executive Director, YWCA of Glendale

Stacey is an exceptional coach. Her awareness and understanding of the complete issue would lead to discussions which ultimately led to skillful solutions. What was once complex and overwhelming gradually became clear and concise, with recommendations and advice that were relatively easy to implement and see through to its finish. Stacey is an excellent coach, and was of great help to me. I’m very pleased to recommend her services.
— John Dravillas, Founder/Director, Physical Therapyworks