Executive Coaching


It can get lonely at the top. Once you’ve reached the pinnacle of your professional career, it can seem like you’re left on your own to wrestle with company issues and complex business situations. With The PRAXIS Group, you’ll find a confidential partner to help you work through the issues that keep you awake at night. Whether you need a confidant or a sounding board, The PRAXIS Group will be by your side to listen, challenge, probe, give feedback—and ultimately—to celebrate success.

Executive coaching is for the leader who needs to:

  • Cast vision

  • Inspire others

  • Develop a leadership team

  • Lead organizational change

  • Manage others

  • Make a career change

Stacey is an invaluable resource for leaders both new and experienced. As my sounding board, coach and adviser, she helped me break down challenges to clearly see the real issues at play. Together, we developed solutions that worked in a dynamic and rapidly evolving agency environment. When I needed a safe, confidential place to hone my leadership style and management skills, Stacey helped me achieve the insights and confidence I needed to propel me into effective action.
— Lisa Scott Benson, CEO, CDR Fundraising Group


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